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     Quick service and exceptional quality. Definitely recommend them.
Karen H.11/06/2024
     Reliable customer care - They have never let me down when it comes to supporting their clients. The cleaning team did an impeccable job and my house was left in a perfect state.
Ben O.22/05/2024
     We are grateful to have such an organized and efficient administration team that supplied us with suitable candidates.
Brad Evans29/04/2024
     I couldn't be happier with the exceptional service and impressive results from these skilled professionals.
Nick J.16/04/2024
     I am blown away by how spotless my flat looks after the deep cleaning service provided by this company today! Definitely using them again in the future.
Emily J.30/03/2024
     My heart skipped a beat as I walked into my spotless and beautiful home yesterday - your exceptional cleaning skills surely do not go unnoticed.
Joseph N.20/03/2024
     Brilliant service - pristine end of tenancy clean, highly recommended for anyone needing this type of service.
Jerrick Valkrie27/11/2023
     I got a good price for the house cleaning service; the team arrived on time and did a top job. Homerton Cleaning Companies is certainly in my good books!
Ben K19/05/2020
     Very impressed by the deep cleaning job this company did! The only service that does so well.
Karl Edwards20/09/2019
     I am a beautician who works from home and I don't always have the time to clean up all my equipment as well as look after my kids. When I hired the cleaners from HomertonCarpetCleaners, they drastically cut my work into half and I was so glad I could finally trust someone. You're amazing and have restored my faith!
Natasha B.01/12/2015
     It was becoming embarrassing that my living room carpets had wine stains on it. I love hosing guests and serving drinks, so spills are inevitable. I tried to cover one or two stains but there became too many to manage. I called HomertonCarpetCleaning praying they could help and thankfully, they did. Their cleaner came and banished all the stains so well that I thought I'd got a new carpet. I know I will call them again next time I face a carpet stain.
Samantha Morris18/12/2014
     I use HomertonCarpetCleaning every two 2 to 3 months for a seasonal deep clean. Their cleaning crew always shows up early and bring along high end cleaning products and machines. They are very meticulous in the job they do and put a lot of effort in cleaning every inch of the house. I would highly recommend their professional cleaning service to anyone who is in the market for a flexible, affordable and dedicated cleaning team. They make it such a pleasure to come home after they have been there. Thank you very much!
Gabe S.04/12/2014
     Getting food stains out of upholstery is an absolute nightmare. I've tried so many times and ruined some perfect recoverable pieces. I hate the idea of using upholstery covers because I spent so much time purchasing the pieces around the house: it makes no sense to hide them away! I read an advert about HomertonCarpetCleaning and decided to try their upholstery cleaning service. I wouldn't have believed how good their cleaning services are if I hadn't seen it for myself! I no longer worry about food stains in upholstery. Thank you so much for a fantastic service!
     It has always been a worry for us when we move out of a house, to see our three month deposit back. After deductions have been made in the past, even after my housemates and I cleaned the house to what we thought was an inch of its life, we decided to call in the professionals. HomertonCarpetCleaning were the ones who knew what they were doing, they were friendly, cooperative, and totally reasonable in price. It made me very cheerful to see a team of individuals who took such great pride in their work, definitely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone! And it paid off - we got our deposit back after all!
Harry T.04/09/2014
     Surprise guests won't ever be a problem for me ever again, because my home looks better than it has done in years! HomertonCarpetCleaning provided a level of quality that took me completely by surprise, and I am glad that I took the plunge. I have to be honest; I did have my doubts at first, but after seeing the results first hand I'm completely sold. A combination of friendly staff and an effective cleaning service makes it hard to not be convinced! They are cheap and easy to recommend. Well worth looking into, especially if you've never hired a cleaner before.
Adam Davis21/08/2014
     Got to say that there's definitely no better company around for my money than HomertonCarpetCleaning. I was struggled to get some of my furniture properly clean and the only way I could see around some of these stains was to hire in professional help. That's exactly what I did and since that moment, they've been exactly who I recommend to everyone who wonders about whether or not the kind of solution is right for them. Their services are really great and I say that as someone who has a really high standard for the cleanliness in the home.
     My home is always kept relatively clean and tidy however my two dogs ruin my carpets when the weather is bad and they have been out for walks, Now my options were to get rid of carpets completely (which I didn't want to do!) never take the dogs out (which is out of the question of course) don't have pets (but I couldn't live without mine) or hire a cleaner every so often (which was about the only sensible thing to do) and then we discovered HomertonCarpetCleaning who have brought my grubby carpets back to life, thank you so much!
     In some cases, I have found that no matter how hard I try my previous land lords have always charged me for cleaning after I have vacated my flat. This time round I figured I'd avoid it, and got HomertonCarpetCleaning in. They charged me a lot less than I had been charged before, and I was happy that the lad lord had no leg to stand on, so I got my whole deposit back! It unfortunately rare for this to happen, so I was well pleased! A huge thank you to the cleaners, and a huge recommendation that anyone get them involved for domestic or end of tenancy cleaning needs!
Jason P.07/01/2014